The world of Arimyth is vast, with many different regions, realms, and races. In this section we shall explore the world of Arimyth.

Name: Solmian

Belief: Chivalry

Rule: Monarchy, Trace Rebublic

Majority: Lawful Good: Human

Nestled in the temperate region of southeastern Arimyth across the rainy foothills, wetlands, and the vast Solmian plains stretches the Holy Kingdom, a proud kingdom practicing honor and valor at their highest nobility and primary human populated. The one who sits on the throne has always been known as “The Holy King” and this bloodline is said to descend from a celestial lineage. Numerous towns, forts and towers stretch across the kingdom, but none as mighty as the great Solmian capital situated around the Ivory Castle. A very secure and fortified land, and maintained in prosperity. White magics of the pure order are studied here through the church, and those seeking the ways of priesthood and knighthood often travel from distant lands to this place. Legends also speak of a great diamond dragon, which watches over these lands, but it is only a myth. The knights, paladins and dragoons of the realm are often seen with a silver ankh on their banners, surrounded in a Wyrm, it is the symbol of Solmian. Many believe this kingdom to have been blessed by the Celestials


Name: Kalareth

Belief: Chaos

Rule: Anarchy

Majority: Chaotic Evil: Monster, Dark Elf

The legions of chaos stretch out across this vast region that was once a renowned unified kingdom that was once considered a sanctuary for all races, but now nothing remains of the lands former inhabitants. Amidst the rocky waste and heavy mountainous terrain of the eastern wastes and swamplands, walk ravenous blood thirsty creatures that dwell from deep within the earth, legends speak of great passages linking these lands with the mythical Underworld, and within the lands are said to be terrible black cities festering with chaotic creatures. Many races walk these lands, including Dark Elves. It is a place of carnage and danger for all beings, for there is no one known to control the bulk region. The Legions of Chaos dominate over the destructive and chaotic red magics in this region. Here it is said monsters grow stronger, and legends tell tales of a great crimson dragon breathing chaos into these lands. Many banners of many clans can be found here, perhaps foremost is that of a crimson claw. There is no true known ruler of Kalareth, yet beings of considerable influence have had some control of these lands, such as Kulharin, Avatar of Chaos… Kulharin is responsible for the only “somewhat” united settlement in Kalareth.


Name: Desian Ornil

Belief: Order

Rule: Magocracy, Oligarchy

Majority: Lawful Evil: Aurin

The Iron Order… This is one of the most ancient Kingdoms in Arimyth. The region of order stretches vast across the southeast, scathing the boarders of Solmian, stretching inland from the Desian Island, the heart of the empire… This empire follows the law of absolute order govern by magic, which is maintained by a great council of arch mages and the Iron Emperor. It is now mixed race society, but dominance is held strictly by the Aurin, as the entire high council consists of Aurin. Non Aurin who reside here are considered “lesser beings”. These great lands have had their boarders sealed for many centuries with little contact to the outer world. Law is absolute here, and their power comes not only from their magic dominated ideology, but their powers of mental magic and psoinics as well. Only recently has the Iron Order begun to expand their territory, spreading north into unclaimed land on the mainland… It is said in the distant past the Iron Order brought the legendary Sapphire dragon to its knees and enslaved its power in order to enhance their mental and psionic abilities. The order’s war banner is that of the blue moon, with 8 colored jewels symbolizing the elements.


Name: Highland

Belief: Norse

Rule: Feudalism, Militocracy

Majority: Neutral: Human

Spread across the cold bitter tundra of the north, and amidst the boreal forests and frozen waste lays the battle hardened Barbarian realms… The frigid vastness stretches across the northeast to northern center of Arimyth, this very Viking-like Norse culture is very sparse, and settlements and fortresses lay great distances from one another. And although the numbers in these lands are great, the size of the kingdom and the sparse the populace makes this land seem desolate and lifeless at times. But beauty is found here, though the cold may drive off many, the great crystal mountains, icy caverns and vast tundra attract many brave adventurers… Wars are common amongst the battle hardened clans and houses. Both savageness and honor can be found here, and both are respected equally… The population is mainly made up of the “High Folk” a breed of humans who are somewhat over-all larger then the common race of man. Each clan has their own unique banner. Currently the most powerful faction of Highland is the Snow Song clan, led by the beautiful and powerful Battle Queen, Selan who dreams of uniting the clans, either by willingness or conquest.


Name: Wintervale

Belief: Guardians

Rule: Geriatocracy

Majority: Good: Highborn Elf, Silver Elf

Though the outer regions of Wintervale wood have always known to be a snowy and winter ridden forest for much of the year due to its northern region in Arymyth. However within, the interior valleys are kept warm and temperate by the elves magic. It is not only a place where many magical beings such as wisps reside, but also the home of both the High and Silver Elves. Though the outer forests always see its fair share of snow outside of the late spring and early fall seasons, its beauty still draws many. The valleys and countryside stretch vast and is surrounded by the great forests where the Elven alliance watches over their home and the nature nestled around it. These elves have fathomed the use of both white and green magics, they are a peaceful people, yet arrogant at times seeing none as their equal, this trait is more to the Silver elves while the High elves are generally more compassionate and open-minded people. The Silver elves are guided by an ancient and wise elven wizard known as Galan. Tashiana is queen of the High Elves, she has only recently ascended to this position with the death of her father. Both the high and the silver elves are the most common elves seen across Arimyth. The golden and silver banners each show the unique treasured tree of the High and Silver elves.


Name: Evaulth

Belief: Treasure

Rule: Syndicracy, Plutocracy

Majority: Neutral: Halfling

Nestled at the southern edges of the worlds greatest mountain range and into the southern desert region of the great Frontier is not so much a centralized kingdom, but the past ambition of some one long forgotten to many in the outside world. Primarily controlled by halflings it has come to be known as the Den of Thieves or the Realm of Games and Trade. All of which is practiced here and the only law of any kind are the ones created by those in a powerful and wealth position, where trade governs all. Black markets and underground trades run fluently throughout the region and it draws in many treasure hunters, merchants and those seeking to become part of this life style themselves. Humans, Beasts, half-breeds, and many others of all sort wander and reside in this area. It is a profitable, bustling yet dangerous region. Many of the riches to be found come from the interior mountain ranges, which is one of the major draws of Evaulth. The Valkarian Mountains are said to hold some of Arimyth’s greatest and most ancient secrets. The northern region of the Evaulth capital is a more subtle area of the den and perhaps the safest, although any riches one might carry may not be as it is home to the halflings perhaps some of the kindest yet most skillful thieves.


Name: Barakos

Belief: Savage

Rule: Geriatocracy, Militocracy

Majority: Good & Evil: Beast, Beastmen

The western island peninsula off Arimyth’s coasts have always been a place of ancient wonder, mystery and danger… It’s a densely populated but undeveloped region inhabited by wild beasts, and rugged with the stone and beauty of the legendary Barakos mountain range. The northern portion of the island is the dry grassland barrens, while the southern portion gives way into thick jungle. The Beast races that inhabits Barakos are far less primitive than much of the other animals and creatures that wander the land. One of these races is the Beastmen, a proud warrior race where strength, honor, and wisdom means all. Over time the Beastmen have spread themselves across the southern region of Barakos and are led by the powerful and wise Grand Fury… The other Beasts consist of vast tribes of Orcs, Ogres and other humanoid creatures which dominate the barren north region of the island, which is a very dangerous place often wracked with conflict. Numerous warlords dominate the many factions of the north, but they’re many across Barakos who worship an enigmatic and dormant self-proclaimed goddess known as Zuleria. Barakos has always been seen as a primitive and savage realm and is rarely visited by those from the civilized mainland.


Name: Mithirin

Belief: Technology and Craftsmanship

Rule: Confederacy

Majority: Neutral: Dwarf, Gnome

Certainly out of the way far off on the islands northwest of the main continent, is the home kingdom of the Gnomes and Dwarves. Seldom do they get along or interact with one another anymore due to a complicated past, as such they tend to keep out of one another’s way. Although they wont openly admit to it, they still care for one another and never fail to come together in a time of need. In the beginning of Arimyth’s history the dwarves considered Kalareth their home until being driven out by their traitorous and greedy cousins known as the Druegar. With nowhere else suitable to reside the Gnomes willingly took them in. The dwarves make their homeland deep inside the mountains, an underground kingdom of mines and caverns with rich mineral and gem deposits, while the Gnomes make their homes high atop the Mithirin Mountains working tirelessly to perfect their inventions and technology, they are a cunning people while the dwarves are strong and courageous. Rarely do the Gnomes travel to the outside world, whereas Dwarves can quite often be seen wandering about in many lands. The dwarves are currently led by the Bronze Hammer clan, for their renowned skills in craftsman ship and battle, while the Gnomes are led by the highly talented, but insane, inventor Nelian. The banner of the Dwarves is a hammer and forge, while the Gnomes favor no banner, often trying new and different cool banners with special effects on a monthly basis.


Name: Ava’Rath

Belief: Darkness

Rule: Autocracy

Majority: Evil: Undead

This kingdom of the past has always brought terror into Arimyth and at one point brought the entire world to its knees during the Divine Conflict. Within these lands lay the demonic, fire ridden volcanic central regions and the undead, black desolate blight of the southern regions and the frozen hells of the northern region, all of it is evil in every sense of word and the central foundation of black magic. The powers of the undead, demons, dark men, and other sinister forms of life desiring power, suffering and death are said to reside here. This land is favored by the dark gods, and as such a dark order of some sort has always kept control over these lands for whatever dark purposes. In times of past legions of demons, and undead wracked the world, yet after finally driven back in the Divine Conflict the dark kingdom had little if any contact in the outside realms… at least openly. Many suspect their efforts still moving in the shadows throughout Arimyth. It is also the central foundation of black magic, powers over death and darkness and the order of the black mage has always been a terrifying power… There are very few who would be foolish enough to wander into these lands, for it the most dangerous and frightening region on Arimyth… The vast black kingdom is said to be watched over by an Onyx Dragon, but this is only myth… This region has also grown over time, as the southern blights of Ava’rath were once said to be very small, but the eternal presence and growing power of the undead have vastly caused the Blight to spread, even into the Frontier beyond the southern mountains. Two distinct banners can be found here, the black skull and the bloody pentagram. Currently this region is mainly under the control of the undead, lead by the Dark Queen Anara, Avatar of Terror. Although with the recent return of Voragoth, Avatar of Hatred, it is likely the demons will soon hold equal control.


Name: Nightvale

Belief: Nature

Rule: Geriatocracy, Magocracy

Majority: Good: Wood Elf, Faeriefolk

The Nightvale forests to the eyes of any who would look upon them are obviously the oldest trees on Arimyth. The great ancient trees of the forest stretch as high as great towers into the sky blotting out the sun… This deep wood is said to contain the most spectacular of animal life, the vast forest seems almost impossible to plot or track. Closer to the interior of Nightvale, more and more magical beings and faeriefolk can be found. It is a forest looked after by the Wild Wood elves and the Faeries. Legends say that no outside race has ever found or seen the central interior of Nightvale, let alone the legendary faerie glade without a wood elf or faerie guiding their way. The faeriefolk and wood elves seem to be the source dominance of the worlds green magics, far more so then the High elves and Silver elves. Their ways are unpredictable and their love of nature and pure life is absolute. One cannot know what to expect if ever they encounter either race, but those who might venture here had best show nothing but respect for nature. A traveler can easily lose their way in this forest and never make it out again without assistance from the inhabitants. It is said that the ancient Emerald Dragon watches over these lands. The Wood Elves are led primarily by the wise and powerful Arch Druid, Mionae. While the faeriefolk worship their Faerie Queen Ilandra, Avatar of Love.


Name: Taremial

Belief: Balance and Psionics

Rule: Magocracy

Majority: Neutral: Merfolk

The tales of the underwater realms are one of myth and legend of stories dating back a thousand years. It is said to be the dwelling of the Merfolk. A vast underwater kingdom, but that is about all that is known of it. Ancient scribes show a dome city of glass at the bottom of the ocean, but where this kingdom resides is unknown in the world today, and a considered a myth. The Merfolk were and perhaps still are the masters of blue magics and psionics. It is said that the power over the blue arts that the Iron Order came to master was merely stolen power from the Merfolk. Merfolk, such as Naga, have been spotted all along the southern coasts of Arimyth and encounters with them can be very unpredictable. The Illithid were also once considered Merfolk once, but in an attempt to master both blue and red magic they became corrupted and were consumed by chaos, turning on their own people before being driven into the Underdark. The Naga are currently ruled over Theena, Mistress of the Sea, who is rumored to be mentally connected to the legendary Sapphire Dragon. The Illithid, however, are dominated by a psychically linked collective known as the Brain Lords, who harvest mental energy and feed it into the Elder Brain, amplifying their races warped psionic abilities.


The Frontier:

This vast unclaimed land is mixed up of almost all terrain known in the world. The “Great Frontier” separates the boarders of most of the kingdoms and the bulk of it is central Arimyth. There is much speculation and wonder as to what is actually out in the Frontier. There are no known cities anywhere, only sparse settlements of different races and peoples, often those of adventures, people trying to make a new life, or traveling between kingdoms. Much of the frontier is unexplored and races and monsters of all sorts can be found in the Frontier. It is an unpredictable and undeveloped land that is ever changing and can be very dangerous to those who have not prepared for the long journey… The frontier is not for the inexperienced.


Lost Valley and the Valkarian Mountains:

The Valkarian Mountains are known to be the highest and greatest mountains of Arimyth, which dominate the central Frontier and are said by many to be utterly impassable. Yet legends speak of an ancient valley in the center of this mountain range, which is said to hold Arimyth’s most ancient treasures and history, including the legendary Castle of Alastine, as well as a long thought to be extinct terrain known as “dragon cradle”. Supposedly this valley is home to the highest density of dragons in the world. This is however, only a legend.


Name: Underdark

Belief: Chaos

Rule: Anarchy, Matriarchy

Majority: Chaotic Evil: Monster, Dark Elf, Illithid, Druegar

The vast underdark, also known as the underworld… This vast system of caverns and caves stretch beneath Arimyth. Tales speak of vast underground caverns stretching open in all directions like vast plains. It is an underground world containing some of the most unusual creatures known. Few know of the entrances to the underworld and fewer would dare wander into the natural maze, but there are said to be many, primarily in the Kalareth region. It is said to contain every type of natural geologic cave terrain, unquestionably the most dominant forces of the Underdark are the Dark Elves and the Illithid Mind Flayers, who are said to possess near equal psychic powers to the Merfolk. Druegar Dwarves and countless monsters also claim the underworld as home. Little is known openly about this domain, but it is obviously dangerous and very chaotic… Entrances into the underdark occasionally found in the deep dungeons, mines and natural caves of the world, some more obvious then others. Recently a new force has been growing in power in this sunless domain, as a Dark Lord attempts the impossible of taming the underworld.


Name: Celestia/Paradise/Alator

Belief: Divine

Rule: Dictatorship

Majority: Good: Celestials

The oldest tales of the world speak of an angelic winged race whose features were said to be unmatched in the ways of beauty and divinity. One of the most ancient races on Arimyth from over 10,000 years ago who were said to come from a realm called Celestia. In ages past the Celestials walked Arimyth and looked down from their Celestial Kingdom in the sky. The winged race were masters of Holy Magic, far beyond that of ordinary mortals. They were also skilled in the ways of technology although to a less extent then that of the Gnomes… The Celestials vast power and wisdom gave rise to the great flying city of Alator, which was said to be their gateway between Arimyth and their realm. It is said the great city of Alator floats high in the eastern heavens, near the Solmian Kingdom. Celestials have been unseen in Arimyth for over a thousand years since the Divine Conflict, at least in any noticeable fashion. Their race has sadly sunk into decadency and complacency and all that seems to remain of their presence are rumors and echoes of an ancient race, yet some of their technology and artifacts still remains sparsely scattered across Arimyth. Legends speak of great wars between this other worldly race and the hellish forces of the demon race that shook the foundations of the world. The City of Alator boarders the world of Arimyth and the inner plains, Celestia and Paradise. The Goddess’ Claria and Liana rule over Celestia and Paradise, while Aman, Avatar of Order currently controls the city of Alator.


Name: Hell/Abyss/Dauth

Belief: Damned

Rule: Dictatorship, Autocracy

Majority: Evil: Demons

Perhaps the cruelest of all the inner plains, the legions of hell and the abyss have always been known to be ruthless and cunning, but aside from an agent of the demons or a dark sorcerer calling upon them, their open presence has been unseen in the world for as long as the Celestial’s. The demons home is an entirely different plain of reality outside of the world, known to many as Hell and the Abyss. Maintained by the Hell Kings “Devils” and the evil gods Asmodeus and Madruk, their race has existed for as long as the Celestials, and one of the first races to walk on Arimyth… Much like the Celestial city of Alator, the demons also forged their own Gateway city between worlds in the lands of Ava’Rath, the Black Citadel of Dauth. Their forces have always hungered for the mortal world, to spread their hell across realms and swallow souls. The great Hell-Kings were cunning and ruthless but often spend their own time plotting against one another to seize even more power. Like the Celestial’s, their power is much more limited in the mortal world. Since their defeat in the Divine Conflict they have had virtually no physical influence on Arimyth. The demons, and undead have also frequently worked together when it serves their purpose, but they all have their own agendas and any type of alliance is often a fragile one that prevails for only as long as needed. It is said a gateway from these hellish worlds lies somewhere in the lands of Ava’Rath in a demonic city. The only demon currently able to achieve full power in the mortal realm is Voragoth, Avatar of Hatred, who has recently returned and once again sits upon the throne of Dauth.


Odd Terrain:


The blight can mainly only be found in or near the black kingdom of Ava’Rath, however a few scars of it can be seen in parts of the world. It is an accursed undead feeding ground. The power of the undead grows in the blight, and their prolonged presence creates it. It is a terrible place for the living to wander… The very ground itself is cursed and leeches away the lives and souls of those who are prolonged to the Blight. Blight is formed by the black arts and undead energies. It is a terrible place that settles and corrupts the former landscape.

Faerie Glade:

The only know Faerie lands are within the elves domain. It is a gorgeous and tranquil glade where it is said to bring peace of mind to any. During the day it is riddled with the most beautiful nature and scent, faeries and sprites can often be seen, glowing pools of magical water become streams and waterfalls. In the night the evening spirits come and give the ground, trees, flowers and stone a natural soft glowing beauty and if one listens carefully they would here the sounds of elvish and faerie songs. These lands are sacred to the elves.

Dragons Cradle:

It is unknown if any of it still exists. Long ago it spread far and wide, these lands are empowered by great magic and life force of dragons. The ground is made of silky snow-white grass. And large different color crystal-like gems make up the numerous rocks. Gem stone spires were also seen every so often hovering above the ground. In the night the gem stones rocks glow with magic. It is said where you can find these lands, you will find dragons, both good and evil. The only known Dragons Cradle is said to exist in the Lost Valley at the center of the vast Frontier Valkarian Mountains,



Silver Star “Holy and White Magic” Lawful

Red Star “Destructive and Chaotic Magic” Chaotic

Blue Star “Mental and Dimensional Magic” Neutral

Green Star “Nature and Shaman Magic” Good

Black Star “Pestilence and Black Magic” Evil


Plains of Existence:













Astral (Neutral) (Entities and Titans reside here)

Limbo (Neutral)

Ethereal (Neutral) (Entities and Titans reside here)

Time (Neutral)

Arcane (Neutral) (Entities and Titans reside here)



Hell (Evil) (Demons and Devils reside here)

Abyss (Evil) (Demons and Devils reside here)

Spectral (Evil) (Mortal souls reside here)

Celestia (Good) (Celestials and Angels reside here)

Paradise (Good) Celestials and Angels reside here)

Tranquility (Good) (Mortal souls reside here)



Human: A diverse race with the potential good and evil.

Demon: Evil beings who primarily reside in Hell and the Abyss

Celestial: Good angel-like beings whom reside in Celestia and Paradise

Highborn Elf: Proud and noble, deeply in touch all aspects of elves.

Wood Elf: Wild Elves, deeply in touch with nature

Silver Elf: Highly intelligent and overly arrogant, very fond of magic

Dark Elf: Outcast cruel race, who reside in the underworld

Moon Elf: Ancient race of elves, few in number, reside on the moons.

Faeriefolk: Mischievous sprites, treants, faeries, and other beings tied to nature.

Dwarves: Strong Warriors, expert craftsmen, treasure collectors. Dru

Gnomes: Isolated and obsessed with inventing and technology.

Halflings: Kind hearted folk of many talents, such as stealing.

Sylvan: Outcast race of half celestials, reside in the Sylvan Vale

Fiend: Outcast race of half-demons, reside in the Damned Vale

Beasts: Beastmen, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Giants and other humanoid creatures

Dragon: Ancient and powerful race, both good and evil, numerous sub races.

Valkus: First race, complete balance, wiped out and extinct

Aurin: Supreme race of mages. Magic is law, arrogant and dominant.

Undead: Their existence is drawn from the Spectral realm.

Monster: Numerous forms of chaotic life and destructive beings.

Constructs Golems and technological creations of a sort.

Merfolk: Underwater race of sea beings, such as Naga and Illithid

Elemental: Beings of elemental energy that reside in the Elemental Plains

Entity: Strange beings that reside primarily in the Outer Plains.

Devil: Ascended demon confined in Hell and the Abyss

Angel: Ascended celestial confined to Paradise and Celestia

Titan: Ascended entity confined to the Astral, Ethereal and Arcane realm


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