Many of great importance reside in the realm of Arimyth and have a resounding impact on history for both good and evil.



Anara is the Avatar of Terror. This vampire mistress came to be known as the tyrannical Dark Queen long ago. She has long commanded most of the undead across Arimyth since she rose to power, even centuries before the Divine Conflict… She is beautiful, cruel and very cunning, rarely letting anger cloud her own judgment. She was the only Dark Avatar to escape the Divine Conflict with her life and had disappeared into secrecy… Openly she has not been seen since, but has long been quietly re-gathering her undead forces in the black lands of Ava'Rath while patiently perusing her own dark ambitions. Rumors of the Dark Queen’s return have recently been spreading in Arimyth with her presence becoming too ominous to hide. She has been plotting the downfall of Celestia for over a thousand years and with the death of the last Celestial priest on Arimyth and reclaiming the Shard of Hatred she was able to revive Voragoth nearly a century ago… She has since returned home to Dark Kingdom of Ava'Rath, and again happily resides in the Black Citadel where she plots the downfall of the Celestial’s and the revival of the final Dark Avatar, Kulharin.


Voragoth is the Avatar of Hatred. Under the Hell Kings he commands demons in the mortal realm of Arimyth. He is brutally powerful and loves pain and suffering above all else. He takes great pleasure in destruction and war and is incredibly arrogant, yet both subtle and sarcastic… He relishes combat and when engaged in battle his bloodlust is unmatched… Voragoth had been dead for almost one thousand years since his fall in the Divine Conflict, cast back into the hell’s from whence he came… Due to the hellish nature of the Shard of Hatred the Celestial’s were unable to safe guard it in their domain and instead entrusted its safe keeping to the Celestial Priests of Solmian. But recently restored by his sister into the mortal world he is quite eager to make his name known once again… Vengeance is foremost on his mind and he has set out on the task of purging the Celestial City of Alator, for it is the Celestial's that possess the Shard of Chaos, which binds Kulharin to the Void.


Kulharin is the Avatar of Chaos. Kulharin was utterly calm and cold, rarely showing even the slightest of emotion, yet he was also very cunning and wise… Before becoming an Avatar, he was considered a lost soul on Arimyth and a wanderer who perused his ambition as far as it would take him, and it carried him far… This dark being emerged over one thousand years ago and with a past buried in his own terrible secrets, a dark past he shares with none. He arose with a burning lust for chaos and vengeance, utterly despising the celestials. Kulharin traveled the world leaving a wake of havoc and disruption in his path, his true goals hidden from all but himself… Before the Divine Conflict he achieved dominion over much of the monster races of Kalareth through fear, power, and his chaotic ideology. As chaotic as they were, he earned their twisted respect and gave them purpose. They worshiped Kulharin and in time he too showed a gentle hand to the chaotic children that he unified… Beyond this he also gained the loyalty of many Dark Elves. No one ever truly understood the limit of his power or his ambitions, as much of him was shrouded in mystery; however, Anara took a quick liking to this dark man and joined him during his travels and the two became quite close… He was slain in the Divine Conflict by the hand of the Celestial Aman, Avatar of Order and was cast into the outer plane of Limbo to suffer eternal nothingness… With his fall most of the monster race degraded into its former state, although there were still some who remained loyal and maintained a strong faith that Kulharin would return one day. Anara and Voragoth hope to recover the Shard of Chaos from Aman and release their brother from the void, finally reunite the three after nearly a millennium…


Wisp Soul of Celestial and the main hero of Shadows of Arimyth … Although vast of knowledge he, like his brother, was ignorant of mortal emotion and freedom. Kept in captivity for his own protection while his true power lay dormant left Perin with little in life… He has no past… But once he takes mortal form in the tomb of heroes, how will those emotions effect and change him… As he sets out his only goal is to save his Celestial brethren from the Avatars of Darkness, but who knows where it will take him…

Perin, along with his brother, is said to hold the secrets and the true ancient power of the Celestial race, which is locked deep within their souls…


The other wisp soul of Celestial, though in the exact situation as Perin, he has a somewhat different view on things… He often demonstrates his spitefulness and bitterness of how his own people kept them locked away for their own protection, he never had freedom to speak of and unlike Perin, has gone to Arimyth not to save his people alone, but a chance for life… Who knows how emotions of the mortal world will change him… He holds the same power and knowledge of his brother, but like his brother these secrets are buried deep in mystery, a mystery he seeks to unlock above all else.


Aman is the Avatar of Order and rules over the Celestial city of the Alator, high in the heavens. Here he has ruled since even before the Divine Conflict by the will of the gods… He was once the strongest of the Celestial race, but after the Divine Conflict, his battle with Kulharin left him somewhat broken, as he gave up much of his power to vanquish Kulharin and seal him away. Though he still is incredibly powerful, he is not whole as he once was… In the heat of battle he can transform into a golden angelic dragon, and in his possession he holds his great prize, the Shard of Chaos, which prevents Kulharin from ever being free from the void. Aman is good at heart, but smug and arrogant and believes the Celestials govern the world of Arimyth, while other races are beneath his own and do not share in the same divinity.


Sylvara is a wood elf but an adventurer at heart. She hasn’t been to her homelands of Nightrvale since she her younger years and has spent much of her time exploring the natural world of Arimyth. She is compassionate, curious, and energetic and often finds herself helping others along her journey, even though most of her race stays out of human affairs. Sylvara has a liking of all life and isn’t one to snap at a person, as she often enjoys being pulled into events that don’t necessarily concern her… She does hate one thing however, and that is the undead. She has been spending much of her time in the Solmian region recently, helping the people there combat a terrible necromancer, who has recently been plaguing the eastern kingdom…

Dathius Blackscythe

Little is known about the ambitious Dathius in Arimyth, there are few who even know of his existence, but he has been quickly making a name for himself. Dathius is a necromancer, a very powerful necromancer. Living much of his life in the black lands of Ava’Rath he has spent much time dwelling in the dead and has little love of life. More and more recently his ambition has brought him far and wide across Arimyth in his pursuit of power. Though he has little concern and interest when it comes to war, his dark and twisted experiments often draw the unwanted attention of locals, and most recently his unwanted presence in the Somian area. His philosophy is if anyone should die as a result, so be it… In his recent research into the further depths of necromancy he caused a city to feed in on it self and decay, driving the citizens massacred each other on the eastern outskirts of Solmian, nothing is left but a rotting swamp land and the city that once rested upon the once lush fields and rolling hills are nothing more then a ruin. Here Dathius has now erected his dark tower, and where all former inhabitants have now unwillingly joined the scourge of the undead… Anara and Dathius often have dealings, she sees him as a very valuable asset and in turn he enjoys catching the eye of the queen….


Celsilia is the Avatar of Courage, yet often conceals herself as a simple angelic priestess of the Celestial city of Alator, as she prefers to be very subtle about her true role. It is here she watches over the city and gladly takes back row to Aman’s leadership, as she doesn’t care much for attention… She was very young during the time of the Divine Conflict and not an Avatar, for it was her predecessor who was slain in that war and the Shard of Courage was then passed onto her, despite her uncertainty. She openly boasts about their races accomplishments to appease her people, but at the same time has great fear and doubt inside her of the Celestial’s waning power, and their growing decadence and complacency. She spends a lot of her time in research and study and occasionally visiting the mortal realm of Arimyth, something her brethren have been doing far less over the passing age. She is also one of the few Celestials that spends time with Perin and Valin, where she often plays the role as teacher and friend, and often mourns for their isolation. She is a strong and noble woman with not a lot of experience… She survives the initial attack of Alator and is working with the surviving Celestial’s to drive back the enemy…

King Solmian

The Holy King of the Kingdom of Solmian, a noble and good ruler who governs the mostly human populated country. He has protected the boarders of these cherished lands since he came to rule through his divine bloodline, as all Holy Kings before him. Though prominently human, legends say that the Solmian royal bloodline comes from a Celestial heritage that was born from a forbidden child between a Celestial and a Human. As such, the first Holy King was said to be Half-Celestial “Sylvan”. Proof of these legends point to the fact that all previous Holy King’s had an unnaturally long lifespan and born with a divine gift for holy magic, making them the most powerful Paladin’s in Arimyth’s history. He is a strong and noble lord in the peoples eyes, but not loved by all, for many are upset over taxation and rumors of corruption in the church, controlled by the council of High Priests, whom many believe have been given too much power. No one doubts the King’s rule, but he has been pre-occupied recently with numerous growing threats looming in Arimyth beyond the boarders of Solmian. As such corruption has taken route in Solmian and while most trust in their king they’re some who waver at seeing the subtle shadows festering in the holy city. The King’s attention has been far to focused outside his boarders recently and on the military, which has led to the recent problems within.

Shadow Lord

The Shadow Lord is an enigmatic being, a traveler from another realm or world he claims, but his true origins are unknown to all but him. Truthfully no one knows where or when he came from, but he has appeared countless times throughout Arimyth’s history, involving himself in many historical events. He seems concerned with only one thing, his own amusement. He takes delight in entertaining himself with mortal affairs and struggles, and considers Arimyth’s history to be nothing more then a game. He watches often and intervenes when he desires, but rarely does he seek to alter the course of history unless it suits his direct interests. His appetite for Arimyth’s women is also renowned. He does not consider himself evil nor good and often plays off both while truly siding with none. One thing is clear about this mysterious being, he is incredibly powerful and possesses powers and abilities not of this world. His most common trick is assuming the identity of any living being with easy.


The name, Korak, was very much unknown until recently. But whispers of this Dark Lord have been traveling swiftly through Arimyth. Korak was a meer human knight until he had made a pact with a being not of this world, a traveler known as the Shadow Lord. Korak desired power. It is a mystery to all but them, but a deal between the two was reached and Korak’s wish was granted, the Shadow Lord provided him with an unworldly gift, the ability to change objects and substance into something not of this world, a dark mineral known as “Black Rock” This material contained powers not known to this world and Korak forged countless weapons, suits of armor, and numerous artifacts from this substance. Although powerful, the very nature of Black Rock corrupted all prolonged to its presence, twisting their souls and wills. Unknowingly Korak was lost to his dark gift and became something far more twisted. In the absence of the Avatars he sought to control the black kingdoms of Ava’Rath and led many of his followers into the dark realm to pursue his ambition. And for a time his plans went accordingly, but his rule was derailed with the return of Anara and Voragoth. Both took and interest in this dark man and offered a chance for servitude. Korak would have none of it, but was no fool. He gathered his followers and fled these lands without confrontation… He wandered Arimyth for a time, gathering and corrupting many new fanatical followers before descending into the Underdark, the domain of Chaos. A domain he planned to tame and conquer. Korak has recently begun construction of a Black Rock tower deep in his own corner of Underworld. Although the hordes of monsters have not been making his task easy even they’re not immune to the Black Rock… Small numbers of Druegar dwarves, dark elves and monsters have already fallen under the corruption and the banner of the Dark Lord Korak.

Iron Emperor

The Aurin Lord of the Desian Empire and the most powerful sorcerer in Arimyth. The Aurin had always been an arrogant race being the first to be gifted with magic, but they had been a peaceful people, until the Highlord Estruk came to power, who would become the first Iron Emperor. He persuaded his race on a campaign to conquer of all Arimyth. In his words, the magic of their race was the pure force of the world and it was their destiny to rule Arimyth and save the “lesser beings” from themselves. The title of “Iron Emperor” came after Estruk and the arch mages forged a suit of armor from the rare substance known as “Adamant” and imbued it with the power to amplify magic, but not only that. This armor could essentially immortalize its wearer through psionic magic, while virtually indestructible; its true purpose was to store the essence or soul of its wearer after death. When the Emperor died, a new chosen Aurin host would have the armor passed onto them, where they inherited all the knowledge, and memories of the former host, growing more powerful with each generation. Estruk’s plan for conquest failed when he was captured and executed by the Barbarian alliance of Highland, and his soul became the first to be immortalized in the armor. This legacy would have died here with no successor had not a Highland woman attempted to use the armor for herself. Not being Aurin the woman was quickly consumed by Estruk’s essence and returned willing to the Desian Isle. That was thousands of years ago and many hosts have come and gone since then in a long period of isolation. The current Iron Emperor, as all before him, sits on the throne of the Desian Kingdom, and beneath him the four most powerful Aurin arch mages known as the High Council. Since their defeat the Aurin have done little in the ways of hostility toward others, even cooperating with other races at times, yet staying mostly silent and isolated for the most part since their defeat. But now the Iron Emperor is again making advances on the mainland as his forces begin to amass, yet his true intention are a well kept secret for the moment. Whispers of the Iron Emperor stirring again in Arimyth have the neighboring Kingdom of Solmian on edge.

More character details to come...



Liana: Goddess of Good and Light (Confined to Celestia)

Pronos: Guardian of Virtue

Solar: Lord of Compasion

Fiona: Lady of Hope

Dynast: God of Nature and Truth (Confined to Paradise)

Gaia: Guardian of the Wilds

Valar: Ascendant of Honor

Sarah: Hand of Mercy

Claria: Goddess of Life and Purity (Confined to Tranquility)

Orinus: Prince of Sacrifice

Melthina: Mistress of Humility

Lucius: Lord of Glory

AVATARS OF LIGHT (The Gods Immortal Chosen on Arimyth)

Aman: Avatar of Order (Chosen by Liana)

Celsilia: Avatar of Courage (Chosen by Dynast)

Ilandra: Avatar of Love (Chosen by Claria)

CHAMPIONS OF LIGHT (8 Reincarnated Souls)

Galderak: Dragoon/Lancer

Celes: Paladin/Knight

Malak: Dark Knight/Necromancer

Talanis: Druid/Conjurer

Rutash: Assassin/Ninja

Lina: Priestess/Sorceress

Nazgrel: Defiler/Monk

Kathris: Ranger/Tamer


Valgran: The Diamond Dragon

Galagran: The Emerald Dragon

King Solmian: The Holy King (Solmian)

Tashiana: Queen of the Highborn elves (Wintervale)

Galan: Mage Lord of the Silver Elves (Wintervale)

Mionae: Arch Druid of the Woodelves (Nightvale)

Raath: Grand Fury of the Beastmen tribe (South Barakos)

Spirit of Light: Luna



Madruk: God of Evil and Darkness (Confined to Abyss)

Belial: Lord of Deceit

Baphomet: Ascendant of Anarchy

Glasya: Princess of Sin

Asmodeus: God of Destruction and Pain (Confined to Hell)

Diablo: The Burning King

Mephistopheles: Lord of Agony

Baal: The Bloody Prince

Samhain: God of Death and Pestilence (Confined to Spectral)

Moloch: Infector of SoulsLilith: Maiden of Anguish

Darkness: The Well of Souls

AVATARS OF DARKNESS (The Gods Immortal Chosen on Arimyth)

Kulharin: Avatar of Chaos (Chosen by Madruk)

Voragoth: Avatar of Hatred (Chosen by Asmodeus)

Anara: Avatar of Terror (Chosen by Samhain)

APOSTLES OF DARKNESS (8 Reincarnated Souls)

Lysrena: Unholy Templar

Sutek: Dark Priest

Malanark: Dark Wizard

Kalo: Blood Thief

Ejdin: Unholy Assassin

Zog: Chaos Barbarian

Kadavalis: Chaos Psychic

Acaste: Blood Shaman


Death Angel: Embodiment of Necromancy

Dathius: Dark Necromancer (Ava’Rath)

Korak: The Dark Lord who resides in the Underworld (Kalareth)

Xenogran: The Onyx Dragon

Vashgran: The Ruby Dragon

Kudos: Brainlord of the Illithid (Kalareth)

Zuleria: Self-proclaimed Goddess of Beasts (North Barakos)

Lyrial: Grand Matriarch of the Dark Elves (Kalareth)

Iron Emperor: Aurin Emperor of the Iron Order, Supreme Magi (Desian)

Spirit of Darkness: Hades



Kain: God of Neutrality and Wisdom (Confined to Astral, Ethereal)

Mistress of Spirituality

Ceredwyn: Ascendant of Knowledge

Hand of Justice

Odius: God of Creation and Reality (Confined to Limbo)

Lord of Mentality

Corporeal Guardian

Princess of Desires

Inulith: Goddess of Time and Magic (Confined to Time, Arcane)

Prince of Ether

Construct of Dimension

Elemental King

AVATARS OF DESTINY (The Gods Immortal Chosen on Arimyth)

Falon: Avatar of Balance (Chosen by Kain)

Arkial: Avatar of War (Chosen by Odius)

Tisha: Avatar of Wisdom (Chosen by Inudath)

WATCHERS OF DESTINY (8 Reincarnated Neutral Souls)


Shadow Lord: The Ultimate Player

Aglagran: The Sapphire Dragon

Neliak: Gnomish Mad Scientist (Mithirin)

Felrin: Halfling, King of Thieves (Evaulth)

Selan: Barbarians Empress (Highland)

Theena: Naga Mistress of the Sea (Taremial)

Borin Bronzehammer: Dwarven King of Mountainfoot (Mithirin)

Spirits of Fire: Ifrit

Spirit of Water: Undine

Spirit of Earth: Daos

Spirit of Wind: Sylph

Spirit of Ice: Shiva

Spirit of Lightning: Jinn


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