"Project Arimyth" Consists of three main chapters or game projects, which revolve around my world of Arimyth and the characters and story that unfolds within it.

The first chapter in this story is Shadows of Arimyth and currently all storyline and character related to this chapter has been complete. I would very much like to give this first chapter a complete form of a great game.

Shadows of Arimyth follows the story of two ancient celestial beings, Perin and Valin; once imprisoned by their own people for their own protection.  With their true potential lying dormant and untapped they are forced to flee the suddenly besieged Celestial city of Alator, floating decadently amidst the clouds over the world of Arimyth.  The Celestials ancient enemies once subdued and vanquished during the Divine Conflict, 500 years ago, have returned with a bloody vengeance and threaten to return order to chaos, courage to terror and love to hatred.  This begins the Shadows of Arimyth as the two celestial beings escape to the mortal world below in an attempt to discover their true potential and power, whether to save their people… or for their own personal gain.  With their ability to fuse their own souls with the souls of the dead- Perin and Valin begin their journey within the ancient Tomb of Heroes.  Here lay the revered and honored dead, the eight Champions of Light who in giving their own lives vanquished the eight Apostles of Darkness during the Divine Conflict.  Perin and Valin fuse their own souls and spiritual energy with the fallen heroes to awaken them and begin a journey that will reshape the face of Arimyth and set in motion the greatest chapter yet to be told in Arimyth’s history.


K2 Engine: I have good hopes about this engine and the developers kit that will be available with it.  The earlier form of the engine can be seen in Savage 2.  This game showcases different aspects of the basic RTS, FPS and RPG aspects of the engine, a pretty impress game that shows you the potential of the engine.  Heroes of Newerth is the next game in line for K2, and improves upon the same engine, improves multiplayer networking and offers a new and improved editor to show off more of the engines flexibility and power and a lot of public custom content.  A few months after that, the K2 engine will be updated, the source code will be released along with a full Developers Kit to unlock the full potential and flexibility of the engine.  The Arimyth Project will be created with this.


Gameplay: The gameplay will be action rpg focused utilizing strong elements of strategy and tactics; similar to that of Diablo, Ys and Zelda with an emphasis on story, detailed dungeons, interesting gear, and epic/climactic boss battles.  The story will be told over 5 chapters or acts through the narrative of its characters, primarily Perin and Valin, through in game cutscenes/dialogue.  The game will utilize multiple connected maps and will include towns, dungeons and outdoor areas with a wide verity of styles to bring the world of Arimyth to life.  The game is a story driven pve campaign primarily, but pvp options will also be developed as a secondary focus.  Single player will be available and initially the multiplayer aspect of the game will be built with four players in mind with the goal of extending it to eight players maximum in the longer run when balancing issues are worked out.  You will be able to select one of eight hero classes “the eight champions of light” with their own unique set of skills and equipment and one of eight familiars who will benefit the hero and the party.  There will be many epic story and battle driven sequences to be played through in the game that will include wars, intense bosses and a wide range of events.  This is meant to be fast paced and exciting, while also being strategic, in depth and story driven every step of the way.  Hell Unleashed was essentially a project to prepare me for this project.


Graphics: A lot of the graphical content in this project I intend to utilize from any available legal sources that will be compatible with the K2 engine- Savage 2, HoN, third party public plugins, etc.  As this will require a number of different sprites for the large cast of characters, and opponents as well as tilesets and towns, outdoor landscapes and dungeons.  We would certainly hope to defiently contribute with a few of our unique additions however. But utilizing everything that’s publicly available will cutdown a lot of the time required to create this indepth project.


Music: I have a custom soundtrack already created from a wide verity of public sources to ensure some of the finest music you’ll ever experience in a game similar to Hell Unleashed.

Concept Art: I hope to have unique pieces of concept art for all the heroes, major characters and villains- I currently have a number of the major characters available for viewing, but there are a number who have not yet been created.


Gaming Server: For the best multiplayer we are able to provide we will do our best setting up a stable and reliable server where you will be able to find a good community and others to play with. More so then hell Unleashed


My Role: I intend to write the dialogue, deal with the soundtrack, develop the boss battles; help in any creation or implementation of content used in the project.  I’d like to have a primary role in triggered events and map development but there will defiantly need help with mapping as maps that are rich in content will be the bulk of the workload; I’d like to have a leading role in the creation of skills, trash mobs and items.


Where I need help: Defiantly coding and scripting where it is required, I have very little experience here.  The server we’ll be running I’d like to be handled by someone other than me; however I could host it if need be.  I could use someone to manage and update the website and the forums; someone willing to develop things such as logos, fonts, and other interface related graphic design; concept artwork; any developments or improvements for textures and animations would also be great- it would be cool to at least have a few unique visuals in the game; and pretty much anyone with experience with K2 and willing to learn how to use the SDK; creating skills, trash mobs & items I am always interested in help and ideas; and as I said before, defiantly map design with a wide range of tilesets!  


Goal: Like Hell Unleashed, this project will be heavily developed and focused on to the point where it will be publicly released for beta testing.  After the “official” release it is my goal that this project still remained worked on off and on for years after for additional content and updated for the continues improvement of the game based out feedback from the community.


Compensation: While this will be a free, not-for profit project- we will have a donation system set up for anyone willing to donate to the project to offset the amount of time going into the project for anyone involved in the project development.  It will require a lot of ongoing work- more so then Hell Unleashed.  If this project is a true success the future will be open to further possibilities


Concept Demo: Years back I created a concept demo with Warcraft 3’s world editor.  I was certainly able to achieve a few cool things, but the engine and multiplayer aspect of it was simply to limiting and the project was abandoned.  But it is still an indepth single player concept demo with a lot of cool features that will take you through the intro, prologue map (Siege of Alator), first dungeon (Tomb of Heroes), first outdoor/rts map (Asteria Valley), second dungeon (Tunnel of Brethen) … A lot of very cool content, check it out.


If you have WC3: Frozen Throne simply download this file and put it in your campaigns directory- keep in mind this is not a “finished” demo, it is a “concept” demo but it is playable and detailed. 




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