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Reign of Chaos Campaigns


Currently I have revised and enhanced the Reign of Chaos Campaigns "They will require you to use the custom campaign option included with Frozen Throne"
They come as stand-alone campaigns and can be played in whatever order you want...
I am also currently working on doing the same to the Frozen Throne Campaigns but I don't have an exact date for their release, however it should be sometime within the next two months.


1.) Simply extract the campaigns in the Warcraft III\Campaigns directory.
2.) In Frozen Throne use the "Custom Campaign" Menu to play the enhanced campaigns.


Certain levels you will have access to other heroes of you current race.. For example in human levels 6,7 and 9 you will have access to an arch mage hero in the alter who will carry on his experience and items to the next levels...
Makes the campaigns seem not so hero favorite allowing you only to play one hero for the majority of the time...
You can now actually use a dread lord hero in some undead levels...

Certain tweaks and additions such as caves, monsters and secrets have been added to the levels and a lot of new surprises and twists you'll notice in the levels, I've also added an 8th level to the night elves which is a showdown between Thrall, Jaina, Furion and Tyrande against Archimonde which gives it a nice climactic final battle...

A few new re-occuring villians like Venim Ice Blade the lich whom will be a powerful opponent in human levels 7 and 9. As well a powerful undead creation known as the Juggernaut, The Burning Prince and the Eclipse, a flying airship controlled by Dalaran, plus many more. They're are a lot of unique foes you'll be facing, some of which are incredibly powerful.

Cameo appearances by some of the forgotten "Beyond the Dark Portal" heroes from the Warcraft II expansion will appear, like Korgath Bladefist.

The difficulty levels have been tweaked, normal is now much more difficult, however hard is pretty much unchanged. While hard is still harder then normal the massive gap between difficulties has been narrowed quite a bit.
Normal now provides a good challange but not the aggravation of hard.
Difficulty has been increased by having more enemies in the levels, numerous enemy heroes have had their level increased and given better equipment and the AI scripts of the enemy players have been substantially tweaked.

New music has been added to a number of events and battles. Some of the Frozen Throne soundtrack has been used in a few of the ROC levels for a more climactic feeling... For example the last level of the orc campaign now plays the sweet old school orc theme.

I've added one on one boss duals for certain events which each have their own unique music...

Kel'Thuzad vs Arthas
Guardian vs Muradin
Mal'Ganis vs Arthas
Arthas vs Uther
Arthas vs Antonidas
Grom vs Cenarius
Carne vs Living Wall
Thrall vs Mannoroth
Grom vs Mannoroth
Illidan vs Tichondrius
Heroes vs Archimonde

For example after you defeat Kel'Thuzad normally in human level 4, he will teleport himself and arthas to an inclosed area where the camera becomes locked to arthas and he must face Kel'Thuzad alone, all other units become paused as the two lock in battle, whom teleports around the area and blasts attacks which you can manually dodge, and every 10 seconds or so, he will teleport to his throne and use carrion swarm or summons undead.

Some of the bosses battles however get much more advanced and intense like Mal'Ganis for example and Antonidas, changing their strategy and attacks the further they fall in hit points... But all of them focus around an action rpg element for most of them involve that type of strategy, running around dodging their spells and attacks and attacking when the opprotunity arises, and if your hero falls in that battle, you are defeated.

The boss battles are the highlighted introduction to the campaign mod, but their are a lot of other surprises and changes...

As of now the entire set of Reign of Chaos campaigns and the Night Elf Campaign for Frozen Throne are available to the public and The Alliance and Undead campaigns will follow in the near future... Boss duals in the later acts of Frozen Throne you can expect will be.

Majev vs Summoner Matriarch

Illidan vs Majev
Vashj, Kael and Illidan vs Magtheridon
Sylvanas vs Balnazzar
Anuburak vs Kael and Vashj
Arthas vs Illidan

Hope that will give you something to look forward too.

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